Friday, November 26, 2010

bunn-chan waiting for santa pakkun bag~!

I made a Bunny-chan waiting for Santa pakkun bag~! Bunny-chan & her stuffed bunny are planning to catch Santa Claus on Christmas eve. They pretend quite well to be asleep.

Bunny-chan prepared everything-- cookies, hot milk, and a lovely letter to entice Santa Claus~.

This appliqué design was one of my framed works that I made last year. It was Panda-chan’s appliqué originally and I kept the frame work for myself.

I love this Christmas scene very much, so I decided to make another one with Bunny-chan. I hope that it will be a lovely accessory for the holiday parties!

I will add three pakkun bags to my shop tomorrow~.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. These pakkun bags are so cute (I mean this one and the one from the previous post!)! Did you put the gama coin purse/pouches up for sale and I just missed them? I thought those were pretty wonderful too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xx

  2. Thank you Anna~♫
    I'm having a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving holiday weekend~. I hope that you are having a lovely weekend too!

    I'm sooo happy to hear that you found cuteness in those Christmas theme appliques too! I really love them♥ I'm very glad that they became lovely bags~. They were fun to stitch too.

    The gama (frame) pouches were sold on the last shop update~. I'm sorry to hear that you missed it~. I think that gama pouches are very useful & pretty items to carry. I will make one for myself and more for the shop too for this holiday season.

    Take care Anna, good night♥

  3. So adorable! I always smile when I see your work!

  4. Thank you Zemphira~♫
    I felt full of Holiday mood when I made those Christmas eve appliques~. I'm very glad to hear that they made you smile too! I visited your shop and saw your new cute owl ornaments~. They are the sweetest!

    Thank you lovely Zemphira♥

  5. Your bags are so so cute.. Would you ever concider making a bag with an okameinko bird on?? Do you take comissions?
    Your work really is too adorable!!

  6. Thank you okameinko~♫
    Oooo~! I would like to make Okameinko-chan♥ They have cute cheeks and fuzzy crests, perfect for my project~! I never tried any bird before, so I will work on Okameinko-chan after making all my holiday items for this season. I think that I need some time to make it, but I will introduce the Okameinko-chan applique in this year♫

    Thank you so much okameinko, for a lovely idea♥