Friday, November 5, 2010

bunny-chan mini-mini puffy zipper~!

I made a Bunny-chan mini-mini puffy zipper pouch~! Bunny-chan is making a phone call to someone important.

On the other side is a brown bunny. Oh-ooh, a telephone line is terribly tangled on this side... But bunnies still somehow can understand each other~.

Pompom ribbon is so lovely with this pouch♥

In Jinbochou, Tokyo, we found a pretty cafe. It is a cake shop, but there is a small space for eating too.

My husband ordered an apple pie and I ordered a POODLE cake~! It was so cute!!! It was a butter cream cake, very nostalgic~ The poodle cake was 380 yen♫

The cafe section was antique and I loved their stained glass.

Thank you for visiting!

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