Wednesday, December 8, 2010

card case training~!

These are things I have been making. I’m working on card cases, one for practice (mine), and I am hoping that the Panda-chan card case will be at my shop. I think that the Bunny-chan card case will be pretty, but I didn’t like attaching the bias tape by machine. I made a mess there~... So, I will do hand stitch for the Panda-chan.

I also made another Panda-chan gama pouch... BUT I think that I made a mistake. Looks fine and pretty on the front side.

But I found tragedy on the back side... The pouch didn’t properly fit the gama frame! The left top front looks not so good, uncomfortable fit for me. Can’t redo Gama, so this Panda-chan pouch is also mine now.. It makes me very tired when I make this kind of mistake~..

Also, I had an unfortunate missing package experience recently. It was very disappointing for my kind customer and for me too. Maybe, the package will show up some day, but it is difficult to wait for an unknown delivery. I was very glad that my lovely customer was communicating with me. I think that my customer and I both did our best to find the package, but having a tracking number didn’t really help when the post office can’t find the package.

So, I decided to ship all items with insurance. I’m still learning and working on my shop shipping policy (I still don’t know what is the best for International customers), but I hope that I can set everything up for my next shop update.

I was hoping to add more new items during this year, but I also know that delivery during the holiday season takes longer and is stressful. So, I’m so sorry, but I will update my shop early next year, January 6th, 2011. I will introduce every items I make in this blog, so please visit again.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. The mistake on the purse is barely noticable~ don't be so hard on your self! It's lovely, sooo soo cute! Makes me feel warm and happy in such a cold horrible season! The card holders are soooo cute~ I'm waiting for your new items to be on sale!!

  2. Thank you okameinko~♫
    Your kind comments always make me feel cozy & happy~♥
    Actually, I didn’t notice the mistake until I was ready to take pictures because it was a tiny gap that I couldn’t see until I pulled down on that part hard enough.. And once I saw it, I couldn’t ignore it~. It drove me crazy and I thought that I needed to cool down and rest yesterday~.

    I’m happy to hear that you think that the card case is pretty too~! It became a quite thick case today, and I’m looking forward to introducing it on my blog next time. I also started drawing some Okameinko-chan designs on paper! I think that she will be very pretty, and I hope that I can show you the applique very soon.

    Thank you sweet, lovely okameinko~♥
    Keep in warm, and have a fun weekend!