Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mini mini brown bear multi case~!

I finished mini-mini brown bear multi case today~! This velcro closing case is made of Japanese cotton. It is one piece of fabric, not patchworked. Medium cotton batting inside, so it is puffy, and the brown bear girl is very cute on it~.

I am concerned that the top closing is not completely flat when it is closed because of the heavy batting. But I love this case and I hope that somebody would like it too.

My husband and I stayed in a small Japanese style hotel for 5 nights during the trip. (The other 3 days, we stayed at my mother’s home town). Japanese yen was too expensive when we arrived in Japan ($1=78yen!!!), so we felt lucky that we found this 3,000yen/night hotel~.

The hotel is very close to the Asakusa Sensooji, and every morning at 6 o’clock, the sounds of their bell woke us up.

We walked through Sensooji every day.

The food I must eat when I go to Japan is grilled EEL. Kawamatsu is my favorite eel restaurant. The Unajyuu (grilled eel on rice) in front of Pene-chan is very delicious, 2,100yen~.

After eating eel, we needed some sweets♥ I had Shiratama Anmitsu at Umezono. Most of their sweets are 670yen, and they have some take outs too.

My treasures from Asakusa~. Tenugui (Japanese cloth, Edo era style handkerchief), Japanese handmade culture doll made with Japanese fabrics, and I also bought a bunny strap for next year’s lucky charm. They are all from the Kiryudou shop in Asakusa. I hope that I can find this shop again next time. Asakusa is very difficult to navigate, and the shop was a happy accidental discovery~. My husband was quite patient, following me there, here, over there, and there again...

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