Wednesday, March 31, 2010

shop update!

I just added 6 new pouches to my Etsy shop! Please come and see them♥

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

puffy bunny girl

This is a puffy zipper pouch. A brown bunny plush is attached to it! My husband asked me why...

I think that it is cute and a bit funny too.

An accessory pocket is on the back side.

I hope that I can make few more pouches for the shop update!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

new pouches!

This is a new character, Ribbon-chan. She is carrying her pink hair doll. I tried embroidery stitches for her little garden.

After the patch work, it became much prettier!

This will be the back side of the Ribbon-chan pouch. A pink bunny with her flowers.

This is another pink bear matryoshka family appliqué. I think that it is very pretty and a joyful piece. Perfect for the Easter season!

These are owl girl sisters. They love eachother, of course. It is a flat (quilted) and smaller pouch than the others.

My shop update will be March 31st! I hope that you will enjoy seeing my new pouches.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

pink bunny & her poodle zipper pouch

This is my new zipper pouch! A pink bunny girl is strolling with her friend bunny and a pink little poodle!

I’ve been checking Etsy supply shops and I always spent a lot of time at the cabochon shops. They are sooo sweet, candy pinky cabochons. I didn’t know if they can work with my pouches, so I purchased only few colorful poodle cabochons for trying.

And I love this pouch so much. I think that it is so cute! I love this bubble gam pink vintage ribbon too. It works with my appliquéd pouch!

This pouch is perfect for Spring. It gives a lot of joyful feelings!

I also started a new appliqué today. A ribbon girl, so far. I hope that this one will be pretty too!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

go go viking girl zipper pouch

I finished the go go viking girl zipper pouch~! Very cute~

It is a cloudy day here, so taking pictures is very difficult... I wish I could show my pouches in person sometime.

This time, I put a pink bunny on the back side.

I like this patched bottom.

We had some sun a little while in the morning. So far, only snow drops are coming out in my back yard. I can’t wait for tulips!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

cute face

I fixed the viking girl’s face today. She got cheeks and her bangs down. She looks cute and strong!

I put in a red fish too. A gold fish... I don’t know where she is sailing.

This eclair is from the local farmer’s market. So it isn’t real chocolate on top. It is sugary icing, and the cream inside reminds me of a boston cream donut. When I eat this, I feel I’m in America! Yummy~!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

go go viking girl II

I’m working on another viking girl appliqué!

She looks a bit too tough?... It may be the light today...

We got a nice sunny day today, and the viking girl looks wild!! I hope that this one is going to be very pretty too.

Today’s snack for tea time. These chocolates are my favorite, from the chocolate factory in our old neighborhood. It was the shabbiest apartment we ever lived in, but the post office and the chocolate factory were just next door. I wished I could work at that factory like Lucy from I Love Lucy!

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