Sunday, February 20, 2011

candy cat tote bags~!

I am making candy cat tote bags~! I just finished the white cat tote bag. BUT I realized that I didn’t stitch my name on the bag! So, I will take out the lining tomorrow, and add my name on the appliqué...

Last Friday (Feb. 11th), I hurt my back and couldn’t move for almost the whole week. I just lifted a book from the floor, then suddenly, I got a pain and was stuck in that position. It took me a long time to get myself the closest chair and I felt so old. It made me laugh, but also very scary that I thought I couldn’t stand up any more~.. Ooooh, I promised myself to practice yoga every day, ... or least three times a week. Anyway, my back has very gradually recovered and I am back to my work.

I was thinking of making kokeshi-doll sisters and some new appliqués too for this month’s shop update. But all the work has to be postponed to March. I was disappointed, but I hope that I can update my shop twice in March.

My next shop update will be the 26th. I can show you only 4 new items, but I am taking time for each stitch, and hopefully, they all will be very cute & happy ones!

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

umbrella appliqués~!

I am making rainy day appliqués☂

This is Panda-chan with a frog umbrella☂ I am planning to make it a pakkun bag~.

This is a brown bear girl with a pink umbrella☂ It will be a card holder case~.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start a kokeshi-doll appliqué. I hope that I can make something very fun to carry this Spring.

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

valentine’s day pouches~!

I finished the pouches for Valentine’s day~! I will add 5 new items to my shop tomorrow.

This is a “pink bunny go go snowmobile zipper pouch!” Bunny-chan is in the middle of her important snowmobile race! She is speeding up on the snow hill, flying over her friend bunnies. It feels so good making friends surprised! And you can see that Bunny-chan got a first prize for the snow mobile race on the back side of the pouch~.

This is a “pink hair girl happy valentine zipper clutch!” Pink hair girl has a singing bird on her head, enjoying her walk with her little poodle girl~. Each step makes colorful hearts, feeling very happy, of course. I think that this clutch will be a lovely accessory for the Valentine’s day date!

I made two tissue cases too for my shop. I added a heart on the appliqué and they are ready for Valentine’s day!

I also made a “pink bunny love love potion zipper pouch!” Bunny-chan is trying to make a love potion for her Valentine. She put every pink color ingredient into a pot, and is stirring slowly counter clockwise.. Many cute hearts are coming out from the pot, meaning that the potion is almost ready~. Her little stuffed bunny is working hard to make her mini love potion too.

On the back side of the pouch, you can see Bunny-chan carrying her complete love potion. She is hoping to be your angel this Valentine!

Thank you for visiting!