Monday, November 15, 2010

new items for tomorrow~!

I finished some new items~! This is a kokeshi-doll mini gama coin purse, a Japanese style doll & a Christmas wreath appliqué. A shell strap is also handmade~

This is a Panda-chan gama pouch. Panda-chan’s usual pose is so cute~. I think that it is a very pretty pouch. I love the tomato color gingham fabric on the side. Please note that it is NOT quite symmetrical.

This is a Bunny-chan gama pouch. She is making her snowman~. And on the back side, you can see her fancy snowman I think that Bunny-chan did a good job!

I also made two tissue cases for stuffing your stocking! Both matryoshka are charming and they look happy too~. One Japanese tissue pack is included as an extra, so you can use the case right away!

I’m in the middle of making a Lion-chan happy family tote bag. I think that I need a couple more days to finish it, so it can’t be in my shop tomorrow.. I will send an e-mail to the lovely Etsyan who asked me about the bag. It was a long time ago, but just in case, if she has been kindly waiting for the Lion-chan family~♥

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Thank you sooo much Bizuteria z filcu~♫
    I'm very much encouraged♥ I hope that I can learn how to take better pictures though~

  2. So adorable. I think your pictures are very good, they show the profuct perfectly!
    I'm going to beg my mum for Bunny-chan gama pouch!

  3. Thank you so much okameinko~♫
    Your lovely comment made my day!!! You are very kind and these are very lovely things to hear~. And your username made me smile♥ I had a okameinko bird when I was a child, and she was so cute!

    Thank you, and I hope that you will visit my blog again and again!