Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love’s in the air pouches~!

It is a very late start of the year for me. I simply didn’t have enough time for stitching in January. But I made some new pouches for Valentine’s Day~. I have more new applique designs, so please come back to my slow-slow blog again..

This is a “bunny-chan happy valentine zipper.” Bunny-chan is trying a Betty Boop pose for her sweet Valentine~. She is too cute for any bunny-boy in the town!

This is a “panda-chan love song recital zipper.” Panda-chan & Panda-chan are having love song recital for Valentine’s Day~. They produce a lot of hearts and love for your Valentine~! I think that the red grand piano is very romantic.

This is a “happy birthday cake mini zipper.” Pink bear matryoshka found a huge birthday cake on her way! She is waiting for a birthday girl to show up, hoping for a little bite she might get~.

This is a “panda-chan cute handmade tea cup pouch.” The handle is made from pink velvet and it is very pretty! I hope that you will enjoy your afternoon strawberry tea with Panda-chan!

The shop update will be tomorrow~.

Thank you for visiting!