Tuesday, December 28, 2010

things i made~!

These are new goodies I made during Christmas.

I think that the Panda-chan gama pouch is well done this time! I’m very happy about the final look~♥ Also, I made two tissue cases, and Okameinko-chan appliqué.

It is my first bird girl~. Every colorful bird loves Okameinko-chan~♥ They follow Okameinko-chan with lovely songs. I think that Okameinko-chan is so cute!

This Bunny-chan multi case was just finished yesterday. It is made from a very soft fabric and I enjoyed seeing and feeling my every hand stitch sink into the fabric. I also love the Bunny-chan’s outfit. It is a Japanese traditional print, and she looks like a tomboy.

On the back side of this pouch, there is a little pocket and a tiny tulip appliqué.

Pene-chan wants me to take pictures of her before cleaning up the Christmas tree. This year, I decorated a plastic tree, but it was pretty enough for us. We spent a quiet and happy Christmas. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas~. And received lovely gifts from Santa Claus just like Bunny-chan & Panda-chan.

I started cleaning up my house today. It is a Japanese tradition that we call, “oo-soo-ji,” it means a big cleaning. It has to be done before the new year (IMPOSSIBLE!), so I have a lot of things to do. I never ever felt finished with this big cleaning before the new year, and I am already giving up some parts~. And I hope that I can make delicious new year’s meal too. I can’t wait for going to the Japanese supermarket to shop for some new year’s food~.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bunny-chan & panda-chan card cases~!

I finished two card cases~! This Bunny-chan card case will be a Christmas gift for myself♥

My passport can fit in the first page pocket♫

It has cotton batting in the outer case, and the inside card case base is made from denim. It is a warm and thick card case.

I think that the Panda-chan card case is very lovely too~. She is posing in her usual style. On the back side, I put a Winter tree and a cozy house that Panda-chan might love to check out~. I think that the tomato color gingham check bias tape is very pretty with the Panda-chan appliqué. The closing button is a white plastic USA vintage.

The first page, there is one longer pocket that is perfect for your passport or check book. One little pocket is in the second page.

In the middle, there are 14 card pockets.

The last two pages are the same as the first two pages.

An orange flower embroidered ribbon is attached to the back side.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

card case training~!

These are things I have been making. I’m working on card cases, one for practice (mine), and I am hoping that the Panda-chan card case will be at my shop. I think that the Bunny-chan card case will be pretty, but I didn’t like attaching the bias tape by machine. I made a mess there~... So, I will do hand stitch for the Panda-chan.

I also made another Panda-chan gama pouch... BUT I think that I made a mistake. Looks fine and pretty on the front side.

But I found tragedy on the back side... The pouch didn’t properly fit the gama frame! The left top front looks not so good, uncomfortable fit for me. Can’t redo Gama, so this Panda-chan pouch is also mine now.. It makes me very tired when I make this kind of mistake~..

Also, I had an unfortunate missing package experience recently. It was very disappointing for my kind customer and for me too. Maybe, the package will show up some day, but it is difficult to wait for an unknown delivery. I was very glad that my lovely customer was communicating with me. I think that my customer and I both did our best to find the package, but having a tracking number didn’t really help when the post office can’t find the package.

So, I decided to ship all items with insurance. I’m still learning and working on my shop shipping policy (I still don’t know what is the best for International customers), but I hope that I can set everything up for my next shop update.

I was hoping to add more new items during this year, but I also know that delivery during the holiday season takes longer and is stressful. So, I’m so sorry, but I will update my shop early next year, January 6th, 2011. I will introduce every items I make in this blog, so please visit again.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

bunn-chan waiting for santa pakkun bag~!

I made a Bunny-chan waiting for Santa pakkun bag~! Bunny-chan & her stuffed bunny are planning to catch Santa Claus on Christmas eve. They pretend quite well to be asleep.

Bunny-chan prepared everything-- cookies, hot milk, and a lovely letter to entice Santa Claus~.

This appliqué design was one of my framed works that I made last year. It was Panda-chan’s appliqué originally and I kept the frame work for myself.

I love this Christmas scene very much, so I decided to make another one with Bunny-chan. I hope that it will be a lovely accessory for the holiday parties!

I will add three pakkun bags to my shop tomorrow~.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

bunny-chan christmas pakkun bag~!

I made a Bunny-chan Christmas Eve pakkun bag~! The Bunny-sleeping bag is stuffed a little bit, and it is very soft.

The pink leather handle can be put on and off easily.

There is also Bunny-chan on the back side. She is dangling her stuffed bunny who had been hiding in a red stocking~.

I hope that this pakkun bag will be a lovely accessory for the holiday parties!

I am making more pakkun bags this week.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

lion-chan happy family zipper tote bag~!

I finished the lion-chan happy family zipper tote bag yesterday! It is very colorful with a lot of love~♥

The bag is not so big, between small & medium-- Measurement: approximately, W: 26cm (10 1/4in) H: 20cm (8in)

D: 6cm (2 3/8in) Handle: 32cm (12.5in) The space between the handle and the to of the bag: 11cm (4 3/8in)

The handles are long enough to dangle from your arm.

On the back side, I also attached Lion-chan and some pretty flowers. She is waiting for her parents to get ready to go out~. I love these pink linen-denims & tomato gingham check patchwork.

On the top of the bag, there are three cute buttons. I bought the light pink flower buttons in Japan, but I was told that they were from France. The little clear button is a USA vintage button. I think that they are so pretty together~.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

new items for tomorrow~!

I finished some new items~! This is a kokeshi-doll mini gama coin purse, a Japanese style doll & a Christmas wreath appliqué. A shell strap is also handmade~

This is a Panda-chan gama pouch. Panda-chan’s usual pose is so cute~. I think that it is a very pretty pouch. I love the tomato color gingham fabric on the side. Please note that it is NOT quite symmetrical.

This is a Bunny-chan gama pouch. She is making her snowman~. And on the back side, you can see her fancy snowman I think that Bunny-chan did a good job!

I also made two tissue cases for stuffing your stocking! Both matryoshka are charming and they look happy too~. One Japanese tissue pack is included as an extra, so you can use the case right away!

I’m in the middle of making a Lion-chan happy family tote bag. I think that I need a couple more days to finish it, so it can’t be in my shop tomorrow.. I will send an e-mail to the lovely Etsyan who asked me about the bag. It was a long time ago, but just in case, if she has been kindly waiting for the Lion-chan family~♥

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Monday, November 8, 2010

bunny-chan puffy zipper pouch~!

I finished a baby pink puffy Bunny-chan zipper pouch! It is a new pattern for me, and I think that it turned out very soft and pretty.

The pouch is made from a baby pink linen-denim, and it has small stripes. I think that the pale peach color gingham bias tape is perfect for this pouch~.

The appliqué is a simple Bunny-chan. Bunny-chan holding her bunny rabbit & a tiny flower on the front. On the back side, there are three colorful little flowers.

With this pattern, I think that we shouldn’t worry about closing or opening the zipper completely. If you would like to close or open the zipper completely, you may need to lift the flap (zipper attached part) a little bit.

We had our breakfast at the Mister Donut many times. One donut & a cup of coffee is 300yen for the breakfast service. And coffee refills are free at Mister Donut~ One of my favorite places in Japan!

We went to Kyu-Furukawa-teien in Komagome, Tokyo. This mansion was owned by a former zaibatsu family who created Mitsubishi. We were lucky that they had a rose festival when we visited~.

Pene-chan... We wish we could live here for a little while...

The rose garden was beautiful~♫

Pene-chan & Roses♥

They also have Japanese garden.

At the entrance/exit of kyu-Furukawa-teien, I used their beautiful stamp. It was very pretty, but I’m a bad stamper~. Many Japanese museums & parks have this kind stamp, so it is nice to carry a notebook. The entrance costs 150yen, 9:30-4:30.

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