Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pink bunny mummy sleeping bag

I made a new “kiddy” zipper pouch. The felt applique parts are a little bigger than usual. I like the red and white polka dot frill ribbon. When I find this kind of candy girlly stuff in Japan, I can’t resist getting it.

Today’s snack was Fujiya’s Peko-chan chocolates! They are so cute!!

I love Peko-chan candies. Their Christmas boot with snack are the best!! ...I don’t know why I’m thinking about Christmas lately...

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

panda bear disguise cozy handmade time zipper

Balu-chan is examining my new “cloth picture” appliqué. She thinks that she is a tough critic.

After Balu-chan’s approval, the pouch is updated to my shop. Balu-chan’s favorite part of this pouch was the children’s wall paper print cotton that I used for the back of the pouch... No mention of my needle work, Balu-chan? I think that the panda girl’s serious expression is cute. I hope that I can knit like her.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

panda bear disguise everyday tea party zipper

I added a new panda bear zipper pouch to my shop. I wanted to use new fabrics as much as possible, so this one is very colorful and rich!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

disguise girls dressing up zippers

I added three new zipper pouches to my shop! I couldn’t put aside this linen-denim yet. It is a cozy and cute fabric!

My disguise girls are all dressed up for their Spring traveling!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

candy cat happy day tote bag

I finished the second tote bag! She is Candy Cat, loves her own polka dot tail very much.

I had strawberry tea with Japanese chocolates. I like candies on sticks, and of course, I eat them all at once!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I could make only one tote bag for today’s shop update. I was a little bit tired after I came back from Japan... But I love this giant panda bear disguise tote very much! The fabrics are high quality, and the prints are so pretty!

I also made a plush house charm for dangling from the bag. I’m interested in making bag accessories these days, so please look forward to seeing new items.

I had breakfast this morning with peeps! This year, I chose the pink bunnies. I bought a box before going to Japan, and I successfully waited until today!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

balu-chan under the rainbow

Yesterday, we saw a rainbow!  It was a good day to start making new bags!

I am working on tote-bags with applique and embroidery right now.  If I have enough time, I also will include a few granny-bags too.  I hope that people will discover prettiness in my new designs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm back from Japan!

Hello Japan!  It was very cold when I arrived in Tokyo.  The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom next week, after I leave there...  But I found a small cherry tree that had some open flowers!  It was perfect for my little travel companion, Balu-chan.  

I visited Atelier Nona to learn new skills.  It was first time for me to go there, and I was a little nervous.  The atelier was decorated beautifully with her works!  And Nona sensei was so kind, and patient.  I'm very happy that I could complete four items in two day sessions!  Thank you Nona-sensei!

I found many pretty ideas at Nona-sensei's atelier.  A tiny glass bottle is in the mini granny bag, and these white flowers are made with felt.  

These corsages are "old rose," they can work with any basic outfit!  Oh, I wanted to make one of these too, but I didn't have enough time!  Nona-sensei had some kits, so I got the orange color one.  If I am good, it will be like the one, second from left, the front row on the picture.

My friend has been learning Oya, the Turkish crochet.  She sent me some of her work for my birthday, and it has been perfect for me to display my bags on.  When we met in Harajuku, she showed me more of her crochet work.  They are so beautiful and her skill is advanced!  I love the ones with shiny beads!

I enjoyed my handmade trip in Japan!   Nippori, the fabric town, was crowded as usual, but I found very good quality linen there.  And I came home with many pretty fabrics and cute prints, so please look forward to seeing new items in my shop soon!  I hope that I can visit Japan again next January for the International Quilting Festival!  Oh, and of course, I miss my mother and friends, I want to see them very very soon!

My next shop update will be April 12th, Sunday!  

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