Friday, February 26, 2010

handmade tags & new buttons

I reopened my Etsy shop yesterday, and I’m so happy that many people checked my new pouches! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Today, I made handmade tags for my customers. I drew pictures of the same illustrations that I used for the appliqués. I wished that I had more different pink color pencils.

I was a bit nervous drawing pictures on tags. My hand was shaking a little bit.

My new buttons came yesterday too, so I can attach them to the tags.

I hope that my customers will like the package!

The snow stopped finally, so we came out to check. A snowman was born again.

Pene-chan sits next to him...

The snowman looks happy, and Pene-chan doesn’t know what to do..

Well, we have to start working now. First, we need to go down and get our shovels!

Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

opening the present

What was inside the pink bunny’s present?

The brown bunny tears off the ribbon, and opens the box...

It was a pink bunny’s surprise box!!! ... The brown bunny seems to like it.

I will reopen my Etsy shop next Thursday, the 25th! Not so many pouches will be in my shop (as usual), but I took quite a lot of time with each bag, and I think that they are all unique and lovely. I hope that many people will come and see!

I am still waiting for my pin badges that are supposed to be the little extra gift for my customers. I hope that the package will arrive before I open my shop, but if it doesn’t, and if customers agree, I will mail them the extra separately later. It isn’t a big present, but it is my feeling, and I like getting/giving little freebees! I hope that things will be fine.

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pink hair girl in a tea cup

A pink bunny came with a present.

He looks like this from the front.

A pink hair girl is in a tea cup with her bunny friend. They are giving a warm welcome to the pink bunny who brought them a present.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

pink bear matryoshka family zipper clutch

I made another girly zipper clutch with pink bear matryoshka family appliqué. I think that tulips are very cute!

I fixed the pink bear zipper pouch too. It was pretty, but I thought that the proportion was wrong. It became a square shape, and I love the pouch very much this time.

I made a crocheted flower with cotton embroidery thread and attached it to the pouch.

No depth, but it is very puffy.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

owl girl spring zipper

I finished making a very girly zipper clutch!

The handle is made from Japanese bias tape and cotton tape. It is long enough to dangle from my wrist.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

snowy day

When I woke up this morning, the snow was quite high. I think that we got more than was estimated! The Mailman didn’t even come today!!

Good luck to my husband! Some children came to ask if they could shovel our sidewalk and driveway. But I told them no thank you. ひどすぎるじゃん、あたし。To save 15 bucks? $$$ My poor husband.. I think that I have to go out and help him soon. ウソ。。。♥

I presented him with an American style breakfast. This plate is mine. (My husband eats more than this).

I finished making the pink bear girl and her friends zipper pouch yesterday.

The appliqué base is a soft polka dot knit. It is pretty, but it was difficult to stitch the felt appliqué to it.

The right side of the pouch is a little bit crooked...

A giraffe button is on the right top of the pouch. This is a Czech plastic button, and I love the retro feeling of the giraffe.

I ordered new pin badges for my shop today. I want to continue including extra gifts for each purchase. Again, I decided to have two images. One is an owl girl, and another one is Panda-chan. I hope that they will come out very pretty!

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