Tuesday, December 28, 2010

things i made~!

These are new goodies I made during Christmas.

I think that the Panda-chan gama pouch is well done this time! I’m very happy about the final look~♥ Also, I made two tissue cases, and Okameinko-chan appliqué.

It is my first bird girl~. Every colorful bird loves Okameinko-chan~♥ They follow Okameinko-chan with lovely songs. I think that Okameinko-chan is so cute!

This Bunny-chan multi case was just finished yesterday. It is made from a very soft fabric and I enjoyed seeing and feeling my every hand stitch sink into the fabric. I also love the Bunny-chan’s outfit. It is a Japanese traditional print, and she looks like a tomboy.

On the back side of this pouch, there is a little pocket and a tiny tulip appliqué.

Pene-chan wants me to take pictures of her before cleaning up the Christmas tree. This year, I decorated a plastic tree, but it was pretty enough for us. We spent a quiet and happy Christmas. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas~. And received lovely gifts from Santa Claus just like Bunny-chan & Panda-chan.

I started cleaning up my house today. It is a Japanese tradition that we call, “oo-soo-ji,” it means a big cleaning. It has to be done before the new year (IMPOSSIBLE!), so I have a lot of things to do. I never ever felt finished with this big cleaning before the new year, and I am already giving up some parts~. And I hope that I can make delicious new year’s meal too. I can’t wait for going to the Japanese supermarket to shop for some new year’s food~.

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    My favourite by far!!! Her cute little head feathers... I love her little bird friends, too. I adore her so much~!! Thank you for creating her *u*
    I hope you had a lovely christmas, and don't tire your self out too much on all the cleaning!

  2. Thank you okameinko~♫
    I’m sooo happy that you saw the Okameinko-chan applique, and left me a lovely message~. I’m looking forward to make it into a pouch. I hope that Okameinko-chan will be prettier♥ Thank you for your lovely idea & kindest comments!!!
    I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday too, and Happy New Year to you okameinko~♥ love, chigu

  3. okameinkochan is precious. great work. i look forward to enjoying your work during the coming year. akemashite omedetou.

  4. Thank you Leanne-san♫
    Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu~!!! I hope that you are enjoying Japanese Oshyougatsu. Thank you so much for everything last year. I got a lot of encouragement and support from you. I saw your exciting para & canoeing posts on your blog! I imagine that your year 2010 was so adventurous and wonderful. And I hope that your 2011 will be the greatest ever~!

    Thank you for your warm words about Okameinko-chan too~.
    Take care Leanne-san! Happy happy new year to you!!!