Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bunny-chan & panda-chan card cases~!

I finished two card cases~! This Bunny-chan card case will be a Christmas gift for myself♥

My passport can fit in the first page pocket♫

It has cotton batting in the outer case, and the inside card case base is made from denim. It is a warm and thick card case.

I think that the Panda-chan card case is very lovely too~. She is posing in her usual style. On the back side, I put a Winter tree and a cozy house that Panda-chan might love to check out~. I think that the tomato color gingham check bias tape is very pretty with the Panda-chan appliqué. The closing button is a white plastic USA vintage.

The first page, there is one longer pocket that is perfect for your passport or check book. One little pocket is in the second page.

In the middle, there are 14 card pockets.

The last two pages are the same as the first two pages.

An orange flower embroidered ribbon is attached to the back side.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Thank you Jessie~♫ and Happy New Year!
    I’m very happy that I received your lovely comments♥ Thank you so much! It is a slow-paced blog, but I’m very glad that you found me~. I am making some pen cases right now, and I hope that they will be pretty, and I can introduce them on my blog very soon. I hope that you will visit my blog again~.