Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Happy New Year~!!!

Happy New Year to everyone♥ I hope that much much joy will wait for us during the year 2011~! And like a bunny (this is the year of the bunny), I hope that we can hop, hop, hop, to get exciting dreams!

Time passed very fast this holiday season. I can’t believe that it is already the 5th of January, and my shop update will be tomorrow. I could make only 5 items for my shop this time. It is a small shop, but I’m very happy if you will come to peek.

I finished the Okameinko-chan zipper pouch~! The color of the pouch is very cute and it makes me feel happy. There is an okameinko-bird appliqué on the back side too.

I also made a Bunny-chan eye glasses case too, but I couldn’t take any pictures today. It has a lot of handmade flavor, very warm and cozy.

I will keep working on more new items. Thank you for visiting!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog today and I'm so glad I did! Everything you make is so cute, and you're so talented! I'm very jealous, hehehe~ I can't believe you live in Pennsylvania- I do too! It's a small world, no? ^.^*

  2. Oooooh that pouch is sosososososo cuuuute~~~!! <3 <3 <3
    It really melts my heart *u*
    Will this pouch be for sale??
    The okameinko bird on the back is so cute.. So fat and little <3 I just adore it!!

    Just so you know! Okameinko in English is Cockatiel!

  3. Thank you Jinny~♫
    I’m so happy that you found my blog, and left me your lovely comments!!! I’m very glad to hear that you think that my handmade work is cute♥ I will keep working and I hope that I can show you more new appliqués! (Sometimes I make mistakes though...) And I agree with you about the small world. Maybe, we will encounter each other at some craft markets in the future~!

    Thank you so much Jinny! Have a wonderful weekend♥

  4. Thank you okameinko~♫
    I didn’t know that Okameinko is Cockatiel in English~! It sounds lovely~. Now, I can explain the bird easily. Thank you so much♪
    The Okameinko-chan pouch was sold at my last shop update~. The pouch received many compliments, and sold very fast~. I’m very happy about it. I’m so glad that you asked me about the Okameinko-chan project! I will make more Okameinko-chan appliqués with different designs.

    Thank you sooo much okameinko, for your sweet comments♥ Have a lovely weekend!