Sunday, March 28, 2010

puffy bunny girl

This is a puffy zipper pouch. A brown bunny plush is attached to it! My husband asked me why...

I think that it is cute and a bit funny too.

An accessory pocket is on the back side.

I hope that I can make few more pouches for the shop update!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. wonderful floral material. chrysanthemums, right?
    my sister was (as anticipated) thrilled by the viking girl pouch. thanks again for all the little details.

  2. Thank you Leanne-san♫

    I love using Japanese traditional fabrics. They make me feel nostalgia. Chrysanthemum is a very long name in English, and I may have a problem with the spelling... In Japanese, it is きく (kiku), so easy!

    Thank you so much for everything Leanne-san, about the viking girl pouch! I appreciate so much about this delightful experience. Anita-san wrote me wonderful comments on my blog, and like you told me, she is really a viking girl!!