Thursday, March 18, 2010

pink bunny & her poodle zipper pouch

This is my new zipper pouch! A pink bunny girl is strolling with her friend bunny and a pink little poodle!

I’ve been checking Etsy supply shops and I always spent a lot of time at the cabochon shops. They are sooo sweet, candy pinky cabochons. I didn’t know if they can work with my pouches, so I purchased only few colorful poodle cabochons for trying.

And I love this pouch so much. I think that it is so cute! I love this bubble gam pink vintage ribbon too. It works with my appliquéd pouch!

This pouch is perfect for Spring. It gives a lot of joyful feelings!

I also started a new appliqué today. A ribbon girl, so far. I hope that this one will be pretty too!

Thank you for visiting!

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