Sunday, March 7, 2010

cute face

I fixed the viking girl’s face today. She got cheeks and her bangs down. She looks cute and strong!

I put in a red fish too. A gold fish... I don’t know where she is sailing.

This eclair is from the local farmer’s market. So it isn’t real chocolate on top. It is sugary icing, and the cream inside reminds me of a boston cream donut. When I eat this, I feel I’m in America! Yummy~!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. hi chigu san. the viking girl is perfect now. i can`t believe all the precious details. my sister is going to be so surprised.
    Thanks for the nice comment about my marimekko bag. It took me forever to quilt all the little details, but in the end I was happy I did. I am making a pencil case from some scaps I have collected, but putting in the zipper is SO hard. taihen da.
    i love the goldfish, he looks so surprised.

  2. Thank you Lean-san♪

    The viking girl appliqué is prettier now! Thank you for your warm words about the little red fish too!!
    I’m working on the fabric combination & patchwork today, so I may need a couple more days to finish the pouch.

    Your beautiful bag shows how much you worked on it♥ The bag looks large and very practical too! Good luck with your pencil case!!!