Sunday, November 20, 2011

happy Christmas items~!!!

Panda-chan is reading a Christmas book in front of her fireplace~. She finished up her Christmas decorating, and now she just waits for herself to fall asleep. Panda-chan and her stuffed panda are sure that they will get presents from Santa on Christmas morning!

Bunny-chan is making her stuffed bunnies for her friends & family~. She loves stitching a cute stuffed bunny for every one. Merry merry Christmas~❤

Bunny-chan is decorating her Christmas tree in the moonlight. She has a red glass ball, a yellow star and a candy cane to display. It is not easy to decorate a huge tree, but her suffed bunny is cheering Bunny-chan on as always!

Panda-chan & her stuffed panda are planning to catch Santa Claus on Christmas eve. They pretend quite well to be asleep. Panda-chan prepared everything-- shining Christmas tree, cookies, hot milk, and a lovely letter to entice Santa Claus~. Oh, but of course, Panda-chan & her panda friend may have actually fallen asleep already..

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