Sunday, July 10, 2011

first bucket bag~!

I made my first bucket bag~! I created the pattern by myself, and it ended up with a not so perfect round body.. But I think that it is very cute~❤

I feel happy to carry this bag♫♩♬

Thank you for visiting!


  1. I really like this new bag. It looks like summery linen. Have an enjoyable weekend.


  2. Thank you lovely Anne~♫
    I'm making a little larger sized one too. Please come visit again~.
    See you Anne❤

  3. Love your new bucket bag Chigu! Absolutely adorable. Will you be making some soon to sell? Hint, hint, hint :)

  4. Thank you Kim~♫
    Hello Kim!!! It was my first bucket bag, so I was a bit nervous. I think that the applique is very pretty with this round shaped bag~. I will add this bag for my next shop update, July 30th. I'm very very happy receiving lovely comment from you~❤ Thank you sooo much!!!

    See you❤

  5. Well I'll be anxiously waiting for the listing as I'd like to purchase it. I think it'll be a good seller for you Chigu! Can't wait to see more new, exciting creations from you. Take care, hugs!

  6. Thank you Kim~♫♪♬
    It is exciting to know that somebody is waiting for my handmade work!!! It's sooo lovely❤ Thank you so much for your patience!!
    Hugs to you too~❤

  7. Thank you Marivel~♫
    It is my first bucket bag, so I'm very happy to receive your lovely comment!!! Thank you so much Marivel❤ I will keep working!