Saturday, June 25, 2011

shop update~!

I will add 8 new items to my Etsy shop~❤


  1. Thank you shishines~♫
    I'm very happy that you visited my blog!!! Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment❤

  2. Loved this latest update, especially the pink hair girl pouch.
    Thanks for posting these photos.


  3. Thank you Anne~♫
    I treasure your lovely message~!! Thank you so much!!! I’m working on new items for my next shop update in July. I don’t know if I can be successful yet, but I hope that I can make something different this month Please look forward~❤

  4. these bags are fantastic!!!!I am from
    Crete-Greece, I love to make bags too!!!!
    Congratulations for your job!!!

  5. Thank you RIRI~♫
    I’m excited to receive your lovely comments from Greece~!!! Thank you sooo much! Your encourage means a lot to me! I hope that I can see your beautiful bags too~!
    See you RIRI❤