Saturday, March 26, 2011

new appliques~!

Four new appliques are ready to be pouches~.

These mini appliques are for the backs.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Love your work and have been watching silently for quite a while now, what kind of fabric do you applique on to?

  2. Thank you Angela~♫
    I’m very happy to hear that you have been visiting my blog~!! I appreciate your lovely comment so much!!! My favorite fabric for the appliqué is pure linen (the white fabric on the picture) because it is so easy to sew. I also use cottons, denim linen and wool. The mini appliqué base is a very thin cotton, like gauze. I think that it isn’t really the best for stitching appliqué, but I love this soft, tender texture.
    Angela, please visit my blog again~❤

  3. hi chigusan
    great to see your work. it always makes me smile.

  4. Chigusan, beautiful work! I love your blog because it's full of cheerful photos and handmade warmth.

    This work had me wondering... May I ask, do you do anything to make sure the fabric edges don't fray on the appliqué?

    When I sewed lemons on a CD case, the edges frayed so much! It was terrible, after all that work.

  5. Thank you sweet Leanne-san~♫
    I’m sooo happy to hear from you~. I hope that you aren’t too too tired by being in Japan right now.. I hope that everything is okay around you. I still want to try “bunny-chan paragliding” appliqué, and I’m thinking of a fishing scene too~. I will try to an make action series, so please look forward~. Thank you Leanne-san, take care~❤❤

  6. Thank you Himitsu-san~♫
    Ooooh~, I’m so happy to receive your compliment~. I’m trying to make happy, warm items, so your comment meant a lot to me. Thank you so much!
    The edge of the fabric (cotton) appliqué would fray for in the long run or after being rubbed too much. But using reinforcing material helps a lot, and like my cherry fabric appliqué (framed picture of the pink bear sleeping-bag appliqué), you can stitch embroidery on the edge. Medium weight cotton in particular breaks easily, so I do embroidery stitches on the edge. If you like Japanese print, using Chirimen fabric (kokeshi-doll appliqué) is the best because it doesn’t fray at all. I think that the smallest zigzag setting on the sewing machine would be helpful too. ..I don’t know if my answer is helpful for you~.. I think that the lemon appliqué sounds very lovely. I wish I could see your handmade CD case~❤
    Thank you Himitsu-san!

  7. Your work is such a joy to see. especially “kokeshi-doll sisters happy flower day zipper pouch. Saving up to buy somethin in the future:)The detailing is amazing.