Saturday, March 12, 2011

I finished making 2 new pouches~!

I finished making 2 new pouches~!

when I was making a gama pouch, I was very nervous because it was the last gama frame that I bought in Japan. Of course, I am planning to purchase some later, but it will be difficult since the shop doesn’t accept credit cards from abroad..???

I thought that the pouch looked perfect~... until I found scratches on the frame~! Ooooh, no--. I put fabric around the frame when I pinched it, but the fabric might have been too too thin for it. Mmmm, I will still add this pouch to my shop because it is very pretty, and all parts of this pouch were hand sewn. I hope that somebody will like it~.

Another pouch is made from USA vintage fabric for the most part. It looks very Spring-like, and a red bear girl & her REAL bear friend are so cute together. On the back side, you will see them together too, but in a matryoshka form. This pouch also will be in my shop tomorrow.

I’ve been watching Japan TV since the terrible earthquake hit Japan. I am so proud of the Japanese people who are enduring there.

When I was a child, I learned about earthquakes in school, and was trained for possible disaster. And when I was living there, I experienced many quakes. But this earthquake (M 8.8) is unimaginable... I have been feeling helpless in front of the TV set. Every time I hear the earthquake emergency alert (it is still happening very often) from the TV, I pray. I recalled my teacher’s voice, “Huge earthquakes will come, it is 100% certain. But we don’t know when.”

I called my mother yesterday morning when I found the news on the internet. My mother was fine, a little bit shaky because her area also shook very hard. I was worried about her because she is in a wheelchair, and she can only travel between her bed to her wheelchair, or to the toilet. For her, it is a tough thing to do. So, I just hoped that she didn’t have bad timing, and the earthquake came as just as she stood up. I want to call her again, but I learned that we all have to hold our calls if it isn’t an emergency.

I hope that we can at least understand the whole situation very soon... No more big ones, please...


  1. I'm glad to hear your Mom is ok, you must be really worried about her...Italy is a very "shaky" country too, but luckily I've never experienced a big earthquake. A big hug, Anna xx
    PS: love both pouches, might have to place an order ;)

  2. Thank you lovely Anna~♫
    I appreciate your kind message so much.  It is very comforting~❤ Ooooh, I don't want to think about earthquakes in Italy... I wish bad things wouldn't happen to anybody...
    Thank you Anna♥ A big hug to you too.

  3. I'm glad to hear your mother is OK . I can't even imagine what it is like there right now.

    Your creations always make me happy, I'm glad I stopped by your blog today.

  4. Thank you sweet Zemphira~♫
    I’m very happy that you visited my blog too~.
    So much sad news, and I feel low if I don’t try to pull myself up. For this week, I hope that I can make some happy, cute bags that bring us smiles~. Thank you so much Zemphira~. LOVE❤