Saturday, February 6, 2010

snowy day

When I woke up this morning, the snow was quite high. I think that we got more than was estimated! The Mailman didn’t even come today!!

Good luck to my husband! Some children came to ask if they could shovel our sidewalk and driveway. But I told them no thank you. ひどすぎるじゃん、あたし。To save 15 bucks? $$$ My poor husband.. I think that I have to go out and help him soon. ウソ。。。♥

I presented him with an American style breakfast. This plate is mine. (My husband eats more than this).

I finished making the pink bear girl and her friends zipper pouch yesterday.

The appliqué base is a soft polka dot knit. It is pretty, but it was difficult to stitch the felt appliqué to it.

The right side of the pouch is a little bit crooked...

A giraffe button is on the right top of the pouch. This is a Czech plastic button, and I love the retro feeling of the giraffe.

I ordered new pin badges for my shop today. I want to continue including extra gifts for each purchase. Again, I decided to have two images. One is an owl girl, and another one is Panda-chan. I hope that they will come out very pretty!

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