Saturday, February 20, 2010

opening the present

What was inside the pink bunny’s present?

The brown bunny tears off the ribbon, and opens the box...

It was a pink bunny’s surprise box!!! ... The brown bunny seems to like it.

I will reopen my Etsy shop next Thursday, the 25th! Not so many pouches will be in my shop (as usual), but I took quite a lot of time with each bag, and I think that they are all unique and lovely. I hope that many people will come and see!

I am still waiting for my pin badges that are supposed to be the little extra gift for my customers. I hope that the package will arrive before I open my shop, but if it doesn’t, and if customers agree, I will mail them the extra separately later. It isn’t a big present, but it is my feeling, and I like getting/giving little freebees! I hope that things will be fine.

Thank you for visiting!

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