Friday, August 26, 2011

New pouches~!

I made three new pouches. This is a kokeshi-doll zipper pouch. It is a mini size, and a very soft pouch~.

This is a dreamy elephy girl pakkun pouch. It is a cute girly pouch~.

I love this elephant print fabric and I think that the flower ribbon is supper lovely~!

This is a Panda-chan happy autumn zipper pouch. Panda-chan is strolling under the colorful leaves. She picked berries for her pie~. Panda-chan can’t wait for the feast of Fall season!

I will add theses pouches to my Etsy shop very soon after the hurricane passes over our sky~. I hope that we won’t lose the electric power..

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Thank you Chigu-san for three new pretty bags. My favorite is the kokeshi bag.

    I hope you and Mr T are ok after these storms.


  2. Thank you Anne~😊
    We got some water in our basement, but we were lucky this time~. I think that I can update my shop this afternoon! Thank you so much💗
    See you~!

  3. I'm sorry Anne~. It seems that my special characters don't work~. I wanted to put the smily face and heart in the text. Please imagine them in the "? " mark section!!!