Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kawaii mini gama coin purses~!

I made three little coin purses! One is for my mother, one is for myself~, and one is for my Etsy shop!

The mini gama for Etsy shop is double sided applique. A light pink bunny matryoshka is in the front, and on the back, there is a brown bunny matryoshka~.

I made cute straps too. Acorn tops were found in my back yard, and a tiny puffy Japanese cotton ball was attached. I think that it is a very lovely accent for the coin purse.

I ordered pretty forget-me-not hair pins from my Etsy friend~. Her package is always lovely. The fish scale print fabric is so cute. I love retoro feeling items these days, and they are perfect for my vintage outfit! Thank you so much~♥

I will add the mini gama to my shop tomorrow~.

Thank you for visiting!

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