Saturday, April 2, 2011

cute handmade pouch-- bear girl~!

I finished “brown bear girl happy air mail zipper pouch~!”

I’m happy with this sweet brown bear girl appliqué, and I love all of these USA vintage cottons that I used for the patchwork.

I’m glad that it is perfect for this pouch to have the daisy embroidery vintage ribbon~. I think that it is so cute!

The pouch is listed at my Etsy shop already.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. your work is wonderful! as I've seen I love it. I follow you! not to miss anything! kisses!

  2. Thank you mirikong~♫
    I’m so happy to receive a lovely comment from you~!!! How exciting to be found by a handmade lover like you. I visited your blog to see your pretty handmade work too~. I hope that I can make more cute stuff! See you~❤

  3. Hi ^ ^

    I am Por from THailand. Am a member of Etsy and lotus palace too, I have seen your handmade items from there.

    Really love stuffs you have made. keep doing what you love, I will be around here and hope to see your new items in the near future ^ ^.

    Sad about the situation there in Japan. Hope your family and friends there are alright.


    Por from Patima Garden

  4. Thank you LULLABY~♫
    How lovely to read your sweet comment!!! Thank you so much for finding me~. I will try to make more pretty appliques & bags. I have other work also, so I can make only one or two items these days, but please come visit my blog again.

    I appreciate your warm words about Japan too. My family & friends are fine, just worrying about the after shocks and the nuclear site... It has been very dark days for Japanese people, but I believe that all of kind hearts from all over the world are reaching to them..

    Thank you so much LULLABY! Your lovely message made my day, and feel so happy❤ See you again~❤