Sunday, February 20, 2011

candy cat tote bags~!

I am making candy cat tote bags~! I just finished the white cat tote bag. BUT I realized that I didn’t stitch my name on the bag! So, I will take out the lining tomorrow, and add my name on the appliqué...

Last Friday (Feb. 11th), I hurt my back and couldn’t move for almost the whole week. I just lifted a book from the floor, then suddenly, I got a pain and was stuck in that position. It took me a long time to get myself the closest chair and I felt so old. It made me laugh, but also very scary that I thought I couldn’t stand up any more~.. Ooooh, I promised myself to practice yoga every day, ... or least three times a week. Anyway, my back has very gradually recovered and I am back to my work.

I was thinking of making kokeshi-doll sisters and some new appliqués too for this month’s shop update. But all the work has to be postponed to March. I was disappointed, but I hope that I can update my shop twice in March.

My next shop update will be the 26th. I can show you only 4 new items, but I am taking time for each stitch, and hopefully, they all will be very cute & happy ones!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. kawaii tote bag....i like it...

  2. ohhh, these are sooooo cute!!

  3. Thank you Salgy~♫ And Thank you Kim~♫

    I'm soooo happy that you think that the tote bags are kawaii, cute~❤
    I'm working on a new applique right now. I hope that it will be pretty too~!!! Please come visit again♥