Monday, June 14, 2010

another bunny-mobile~!

I finished another bunny-mobile zipper pouch~!

I think that the Bunny-chan looks quite fast in her bunny-mobile, but my husband said that she can look faster.

And he drew a picture for me... It really looks fast, indeed!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. hi chigu san. wow a lion family. that really made me giggle. where do you come up with all these ideas?!

  2. Thank you Leanne-san~♫

    The Lion-chan family appliqué was my customer’s request. She has a daughter who loves Lions very much. I had never done a lion felt appliqué before, but I drew three or four pictures on a paper, and decided to work on the felt. I’m very glad that I tried, and my Etsy customer asked me about the project because I really love the warm feeling of the fabric picture.

    The other appliqué ideas are my imaginary world that I couldn’t make happen in this real world... And they have to be a little bit silly in a cute way♥

    Thank you Leanne-san, I hope that you are enjoying the hot hot Summer in Japan!!!