Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!


I wish for this year that I can make many pretty items & get many good ideas! I am hoping that many people will visit my shop this year too!

I made Panda-chan’s lunch mat this morning. The mat is made from Japanese cottons, and a cow print vintage cotton that I purchased from Australia. They are double quilted and very puffy.

I stitched Panda-chan’s out line with the sewing machine, and her face and the little stuffed panda are hand embroidery.

First, I put my Japanese traditional New Year’s day meal (purchased at Mitsuwa Japanese super market in NJ) on the lunch mat. I think that it is pretty~! I wish I could have bought more osechi, but the Japanese yen is too strong, I bought only three items that I really love for osechi this year.

Next, I put another Japanese traditional New Year’s day dish called zouni, on the lunch mat. I started cooking zouni soup the day before, and it looks & smells very delicious! I put only one mochi into my bowl for now.

Then I put my tea & snacks on the lunch mat. I feel good using this Panda-chan lunch mat!

Thank you for visiting!

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