Saturday, December 19, 2009

pene-chan in a Winter wonder land

It is Pene-chan’s “on time” in the Winter, particularly a snowy day. She’s not like other bears. I think that Pene-chan’s Winter outfit is very pretty, and I love looking at her feeling cozy.

When I saw her in this polka dot hat at her Etsy shop, I grabbed her immediately. She was my first purchase at Etsy, and in order to buy her, I opened my PayPal account and became an Etsyan.

The shop has been empty, but I really hope that her handmade shop will come back again. Pene-chan is my handmade muse, reminding me of warmth of handmade.

I finished the owl girl appliqué. I think that I can add a new pouch to my shop tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting!

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