Friday, October 30, 2009

frame work #1 & #2

This is the first Panda-chan frame work. It is a Christmas theme, very warm and happy! I hope that everybody will enjoy Panda-chan’s handmade teddy pandas!

I just put the wooden frame on top of the appliqué for this blog. The frame doesn’t have much depth, so the appliqué will be close to the frame level. This item will be in my shop after I scan it. I’m hoping to create a pretty card from this appliqué too!

This is another Christmas theme appliqué that I started first. This item is not for sale. I was so inspired by this appliqué, I decided I had to keep the work for myself... I will scan this appliqué too for making cards.

I just started stitching the third one. This is a Winter theme appliqué with a snowman and Panda-chan. I hope that it will be a very playful and joyful one.

Two frame works will be in my shop the first week of November. Also, I’m quite sure that I can add three more framed works later in November. They all will be Winter or Christmas theme appliqués.

I’m very sorry about delaying my shop update...

Thank you for visiting!

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