Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling Summer

Aloha! The heat came back to my area. This is Rose of Sharon, but in Panda-chan’s mind, it is Hibiscus. Oh, Hawaii!

The Hawaii illustration guide book arrived from Japan today! I love Sayaka Sugiura’s illustrations so much and it looks like a handmade guide book! It makes me feel happy~!

My friend told me about the law of attraction, so I also purchased a Plumeria hair clip from the Etsy shop, and I wear it everyday at home. Very soon, I will buy Plumeria cologne and some paper umbrellas for my soda. Anyway, I’m ready to go to Hawaii~ in my mind.

Panda-chan and I opened the book, and checked which hotels we would like to stay at.

♪♬♫♪ The Royal Hawaiian ♪♬♫♪ The Pink Palace ♪♬♫♪

Definitely, we want to stay this hotel! Oh, Panda-chan is interested in the hotel’s original pink teddy bear too $30~.

I want to try a Hawaiian style spa also. It looks so relaxing... My tight shoulders would be healed there.

So many fun (luxurious) things are in this book. The cruise to Diamond Head, Dolphin tour, Sunday brunch, shopping... But the most attractive activity for me is strolling the beach in the early morning.

But right now, we are having a good time under our Hibiscus... Panda-chan, let’s dream big!

p.s. I’m working on more cell phone cases & iPhone cases right now. I hope that I can add new items to my shop during this week!

Thank you for visiting!

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