Sunday, June 28, 2009

New project

I started working on a custom purse organizer. A sweet customer gave me kind instructions, and lovely ideas for the appliqués! I am going to make one “pink bear matryoshka family” (four figures) appliqué, one “brown bear on the telephone” appliqué, and one “pink bear walking in a rainy day” appliqué for this organizer! I will post my little by little progress here!

I am grateful for all of my customers who offer me exciting projects, and share their stories and ideas for the appliqués! The custom orders that I have received since I opened my Etsy shop have contained a lot of happy thoughts. And I think that they turned out looking very pretty! Oh, I hope that my customers liked the products too! I simply love each stitch that constructs cute and special appliqués.

Thank you for visiting!

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