Saturday, February 21, 2009

My first blog

Feb. 21, 2009

I started working 7 a.m. this morning.  And this is what I made.
My first undisguised girl...  This applique was made yesterday.  
She is having a quiet bath time with her stuffed friends.  I guess she is relaxing too much, her mouth looks like an animal too.  I love polka dot and floral, so I use them both prints for my bag.  It may look too busy, but with my taste, it just works very well.

I made this applique just now.  Thinking of having tea time...
This applique needs more work later, tomorrow.

I want to introduce my assistant bear, Penelope.
She will be appearing in this blog from time to time, when she is enjoying my handmade time.
Or anytime when she wants to be here.

This photo is taken last November in Cafe Gerbeaud, Budapest.  Penelope and I were having tea time after buying pretty ribbons in the antique shop.  The rococo style ceiling, gorgeous chandelier, marble table, the waitress in a maid's uniform...  Cake and coffee set was about 1,400 Ft.  Of course, they were delicious!

Thank you for visiting!

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